6x6 Matte Box

5.65"x5.65" Compact Matte Box MB-20 and MB-20 System II are modular systems that can be adapted for use on film and video camera lightweight support, bridge plate support rods, or as a clamp-on sunshade.

The LMB-25 is a clamp-on matte box that expands the feature set and creative possibilities of the LMB-15, while retaining the low price tag of an entry-level LMB-5.

It allows a lightweight matte box to be utilized even when extremely wide angle lenses are used on the camera.




An anti-reflective multi-coating, which is absent in most external filters, maintains high image contrast. A water white optical glass is precision polished. A broadband absorptive coating ensures an even attenuation of the light over the full spectrum, which is why they are called Full Spectrum Neutral Density (FSND) filters. There is no color shift at any density.


.3,  .6,  .9,  1.2,  1.5,  1.8, 2.1,  2.4

ARRI ZEISS Master Diopters

     The ARRI/Zeiss Master Diopters are a set of three diopters (+0.5, +1 and +2) that work with all ARRI Primes such as Master Primes, Ultra Primes, Ultra 16 lenses, the ARRI/Zeiss Lightweight Zoom LWZ-1 and others. With the Master Diopters it is possible to quickly grab an extreme close up or get a wide angle shot with shallow depth of field, all with un- precedented sharpness and contrast and without the optical aberrations of traditional diopters.


     Master Diopters provide considerably better optical quality than regular diopters since the +1 and +2 diopters use an achromatic lens assembly and they all use the Zeiss T* coating. The achromatic lenses greatly reduce color fringes and spherical aberration, common problems with traditional one lens diopter designs. And the same Zeiss T* coating that is used on the Master Primes reduces glare and improves transmission for higher contrast.